Meet the Residents

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne and Geneva Robbins

“Change is a part of life”, says Dr. Robbins.  But one thing that hasn’t changed in almost 70 years are their feelings for each other.  Geneva and Dr. Wayne Robbins grew up in the same orphanage in Ohio, but as girls and boys were kept separated, never got to know each other until they were young adults.  While visiting the orphanage on leave from the Air Force, Wayne noticed Geneva working in the office.  “I took another look, and then another look.” he says, and after one date led to another they were married.   The Robbins lived in Cleveland, Ohio where Dr. Robbins practiced as a dentist for over 40 years.  Geneva who graduated from a Design College worked as a knitwear designer until World War II when the firm she worked for changed to manufacturing nurses’ uniforms. 

They have two children, three grandchildren, and three great grandchildren with their daughter living nearby in Greystone.  Though being near family was a factor in their move to Kirkwood (as was the lack of shoveling snow)  so was the variety of experiences Kirkwood offers.  “We try to fit everything in,” Geneva says “and we’re so impressed with the Christian people here.”   What do they attribute their impressively long marriage to? “Mutual respect and communication” says Geneva.  Dr. Robbins however just says simply “Don’t take yourself too seriously.”  The Robbins will celebrate their 70 years of marriage on August 6, 2012.

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Discover a way of life that offers a full set of services that set you free. Discover independent living where you can always depend on getting the best from life and from us.
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Helping hands can keep life within your reach. Our assisted living meets your daily needs while never forgetting what you need most. Independence.
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Care for mild to moderate memory loss that puts loved ones minds at rest, and puts you close to friends and family at Kirkwood.
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